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One to Grow On! Kids’ Audio Stories

Children's stories that encourage high self-esteem, honesty and positive values


Audio stories for children from One To Grow On are available as CDs or MP3s

One to Grow On! Audio Stories are available in both CD and MP3 formats.

These unique audio stories are a series of highly dramatized and entertaining adventures filled with music and sound effects. All of the stories focus on themes that help children cope with growing up. The ideals and values that are imparted in our time-tested stories deliver these principals in a way that children get the message.

Children love the story and parents love the message!

One to Grow On! audio stories promote self-responsibility and make great travel and bedtime companions. They motivate and encourage high self-esteem, honesty and positive values, and provide great moral teachings. These audio stories are great as CDs or MP3 downloads for kids to play on their iPods.  

Children learn from the audio stories from One To Grow On

The core values and ideas at the foundation of the One to Grow On! Audio Stories are love, high self-esteem, the power of the imagination, accepting what is, giving up excuses and blame, taking responsibility, and encouraging that happiness comes from within. 

Empower your children with strong self-esteem based on strong values and ideals. By sharing with your children stories in which characters survive and prosper while facing adversity or challenges, you’ll help your child understand that they will survive too. By opening a channel of communication through the wonder of story time, you will empower your children with values and ideals that will impart the tools they to need to grow and thrive. 

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