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One To Grow On Children's Audio Stories: Reviews & Testimonials

What are people saying about the One to Grow On MP3s and CDs?

Audio Stories For Kids On CD and MP3

"It was a great pleasure to be introduced to your children’s stories via my students. I immediately fell in love with "Lily” and “Timothy Chicken”. Not only are your stories well-produced, they are extremely valuable lessons for children to learn in a fun and relaxed manner." 

Judi P.


"The content of your stories has given us several opportunities to discuss 'deep' things and to compare real life situations with the experiences of your characters. You have done a marvelous job of translating thoughts and philosophies into a language which is understandable to their young minds."

Very sincerely, 
Dottie S.

Audio Stories For Kids On CD and MP3


"You’re so special to three kids who love your stories. Even Dad listens to them! Be sure to let us know if you do any more." 

Julia, Christa and Nathan B. 
Cypress, CA 


"Your “One to Grow On!” stories are delightful, and my grandson Ryan, age 4, likes the stories. We both love your voice. We use it on our iPod and it is ideal." 

Don F. 

Audio Stories For Kids On CD and MP3


"Our son Timmie, age 3 ½, received your stories for Christmas, and they have been inseparable ever since. He even plays your stories instead of his Sesame Street ones - now that’s a compliment!"

Lynette M.
Erdenheim, PA


"Trenna, just wanted to tell you what a welcome relief your positive children’s stories are in this world of violent cartoons and programs for children. How about video?" 

Thanks again,
Dan P.

Audio Stories For Kids On CD and MP3

"I just wanted to thank you so much for creating these audio stories for children. I have two boys who are now 12 and 10 years old. For the past two years, they have both enjoyed listening at bedtime. The boys have memorized parts of the stories and part of their evening ritual seems to be deciding which story they will listen to. God bless you for your creative work!" 

Very sincerely,
Linda D., San Diego, CA 


Audio Stories For Kids On CD and MP3


"I have two preschoolers, and I just wanted to say thank you so much for the self-responsibility stories that you have developed. My six-year-old daughter responded to “Egar and the Land of the Twoids(Courage and Confidence) with an understanding that made a difference in her life." 

Lani S., Penn Valley, PA

Audio Stories For Kids On CD and MP3

"My children love your stories so much that they take them to Sunday School and to regular school for their teachers to play. Plus, of course their friends want to hear the stories when they come over. Please let me know when your new stories are coming out!" 

Cynthia P., Salt Lake City, UT


"Dear One to Grow On! 

Hi, my name is Erin S. Well, anyway, my mom’s friend gave her a story and listened to it and it was the best I ever heard. And I was wondering can you send me some information on others? Thank U." 

Erin S., Age 8, Phoenix, AZ 


Audio Stories For Kids On CD and MP3

"I purchased a story of yours while vacationing in Maine during the summer. It was titled “Olliver’s adventures on Monkey Island" (It’s Ok To Be Different). I didn’t know at the time the basis of the story. After having heard the story, I have to admit I was very satisfied with my purchase. I have a son who happens to have cerebral palsy and really think the moral to Olliver’s story helped all of my children."

A satisfied consumer,
Debbie B., Loveland, OH

Audio Stories For Kids On CD and MP3


"My son has enjoyed “Cody Caterpillar Turns Over a New Leaf” for several years now. Unfortunately the recording is damaged and he still wants to hear Cody. Dustin is not the 'average' 15-year-old. His birthday was yesterday, but mentally he will never match his chronological age. When he was 4 ½ he was violently shaken by his father. Dustin nearly died, and only though many prayers do the doctors believe he survived. He will never see again, and he is able to walk with much assistance and leg braces due to cerebral palsy. He is on many medicines to control seizures and behavior.  Music is a great joy to Dustin, as are your stories. I found your stories at the Federation of the Blind. However, not knowing his reaction, I only purchased one. Please send me catalog of your stories, as I know Dustin would enjoy more of them."  

Thank you, 
C. Akers, Shelby, OH





Working Girl Review

Working Girl Reviews

Book Reviews For The Busy Woman

Review: One To Grow On Children’s Audio Series by Trenna Daniells

One To Grow On: The Orange Collection
Kid’s Audio Stories
2 CDs – Four full-length stories

February 23, 2010 by www.workinggirlreviews

There isn’t anything I cherish more than the memories of bedtime stories from my own childhood and the times I’d snuggle up with my own children at bedtime to read their favorite books, make up stories, or tell the old fairytales. These are precious moments for both children and parents.

The One To Grow On audio collections by Trenna Daniells, are recommended for kids 4-12. These stories are highly entertaining. To my surprise, I enjoyed listening to them myself and for the most part, the kids took great pleasure in listening to them. The stories are well written and encourage a child’s imagination, self-esteem, taking responsibility, acceptance, and other life lessons while being entertained. They’re beautifully read with music and sound effects, which greatly enhances the listening experience.

If you love reading to your child, but find yourself too exhausted at times to face reading a story, these audio stories will be great. Curl up with you kids, listen with them and then have a short discussion about the story before that final kiss and lights out. And since these are audio, the kids can enjoy them on their own when you’re busy.

There are many children’s audio collections out there, but I highly recommend the One To Grow On series by Trenna Daniells for great listening satisfaction and the timeless values they teach.


New Age Retailer Review

One to Grow On! Kids’ Audio Stories: 
Making a Difference in the World

$19.95, two CDs, 103 minutes
Trenna Productions, www.kidsaudiostories.com

March 2010  www.newageretailer.com

The Orange Collection Audio Stories For Children On CD and MP3

Story time is a time-honored tradition in which parents can pass along valuable life lessons to their kids in a fun and entertaining way. Trenna Daniells, a writer and mom, has taken this idea to the next level with her One to Grow On! series of audio stories for kids ages four to 12. The series features four collections, each with four fanciful, full-length stories told by Daniells to illustrate life lessons such as having the courage to venture into the unknown and having the integrity to be honest with yourself and others. 

The Orange Collection, titled Making a Difference in the World, includes fun, imaginative stories such as one about a boy from a sickly, struggling tribe living in the swamp who decides to venture out beyond the edges of his homeland to discover the wonders of the world outside, like farming and fire. Reminiscent of Plato’s classic allegory about the cave-dwellers who see only their own shadows, this story cautions against allowing fear to chain us to the “way things have always been.” 

In this and the other three tales, Daniells weaves vivid imagery, simple yet engaging language, and universal life lessons into stories that will surely hold kids’ attention while inviting them to visualize the scenes and characters. In this way, the audio stories may help develop the imagination more effectively than television or picture books. Be sure to check out the other three collections—Learning to Love OurselvesExercising Good Relationship Skills, and Exploring the Magic of the Inner World—which are also color-coded as the red, green, and blue collections, respectively.





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