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How to Download your MP3 Story

How to download MP3 audio stories

Follow the easy steps below to start enjoying your MP3 audio stories

 Important note: MP3 downloads are non-refundable

Downloads are an instant-buy: you can play your music as soon as it is downloaded to your computer. Because they are instant digital purchases, MP3 download purchases are non-refundable and non-exchangeable, so choose your program carefully. The benefit of purchasing an MP3 audio file is that it's instant. You can download your file, and play it within minutes.

If you would like to listen to stories with the option of a return, please purchase a CD Collection instead. Our return policy can be read on our Returns Policy page. 

MP3 Purchase & Download Instructions

1. Select your One to Grow On story. Click the yellow Add To Cart  button for MP3. Your program has now been added to your shopping cart.

2. When you've finished shopping, go to the red Shopping Cart tab at the far right of the top menu and click to view your cart contents. Select the Proceed to Checkout button and pay. 

(If you do not have an account set up already, you will be prompted to register.)

3. Fill in your account details. One To Grow On has a secure ordering process, so your credit card details are safe. On your purchase receipt you will see a download link, click this link to begin downloading your purchase.

4. After you've ordered, and if you set up an account, you'll receive two emails. One is an Account Confirmation email and the second will be for your New Order.

If a New Order email is NOT in your inbox within a few minutes, check your spam filter/junk mail. Order confirmations are sent out automatically and instantly.

5. If you just set up your account, you must confirm you’ve registered your account before being able to download your order. Simply open the Account Confirmation email and click on the link to confirm your registration. 

Next... Open the New Order email and click on "My Downloads" This will take you to "My Account." Here you will find a record of all your orders and an archive of all your download purchases.

6. Click on the highlighted MP3 file name and it will immediately start downloading to your desktop. The time it takes to download your file depends on the speed of your internet connection. On a high-speed connection count on a few minutes. On a slower dial-up connection, count on 30 minutes or more for one music file.  

7. The MP3 file will automatically download to your desktop, unless you have a designated place your computer that automatically stores downloads.

8. Import your MP3 into iTunes or your MP3 player software.

9. Enjoy your stories!



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